I find it incredibly rewarding to support others in developing creative, fulfilling work lives. I mentor both independently and in association with initiatives such as the National Centre for Writing, and have created and delivered literary translation courses for Birkbeck and Queen Mary University of London. In summer 2022, I completed the BCLT’s ‘Train the Trainer’ programme.

My Sessions

My mentoring is informed by my experience of working as a literary translator over the past fifteen years, and my belief that the better we know ourselves, the better able we are to create a career that brings both personal and professional fulfilment.

The mentoring is tailored to each individual’s goals. As a general indication, the sessions can cover:

  • Editorial feedback on German to English and Portuguese to English sample translations and texts.
  • Non-language specific feedback on pitches and funding applications.
  • Practical advice on establishing a career as a literary translator – for example: building an online presence; becoming part of the translation community; growing work opportunities; continual learning and growth.
  • Support with goal-setting and confidence-building.

Please contact me for further information and rates.


I offer mentoring to early and mid-career translators, as well as those seeking editorial input at any stage. If you would like to find out more about mentoring sessions, collaborate, and/or commission me to run a workshop/course, please get in touch.


My Current and Former Mentees include:

  • Rebecca DeWald
  • Lottie Fyfe
  • Rachel Farmer
  • Sarah Rimmington
  • Eleanor Updegraff
  • Helen Nurse
  • Kathy Saranpa
  • Astrid Freuler
  • Eleanor Updegraff. Eleanor is sitting on a wicker seat looking into the camera, smiling. Behind her is a stone wall and windowsill, upon which sits a pink flowering plant in a wicker basket.

    Eleanor Updegraff Writer, translator and copyeditor

    Eleanor is a freelance writer, translator and proofreader/ copyeditor who is based in Austria. She has a particular love for cross-border literature – the kind of writing that comes from multilingual, in-between lands like South Tyrol and the Slovenian-Austrian border region – and reviews literary fiction and translations on her site The Monthly Booking. Her review of Paula by Sandra Hoffmann, translated from the German by Katy Derbyshire (V&Q Books, 2020), can be found on Asymptote.

    It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that beginning a mentorship with Jamie is the most positive step I’ve taken all year. I’ve left each session with newfound confidence and plenty of ideas – she always takes the time to consider my individual situation and interests to come up with things I wouldn’t have thought of. Jamie is incredibly kind, easy to talk to, calm and creative; she consistently understands where I’m coming from and aiming for, and is readily on hand with constructive advice – whether text edits, steps to follow in pitching, contacts to pursue or general career suggestions. At a time when I was struggling to know where to go next, Jamie made all the difference. I can’t thank or recommend her highly enough.

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  • Sarah Rimmington Translator and reviewer

    Jamie is a wonderful mentor – she’s supportive, creative, honest, practical and full of ideas. I come away from our sessions feeling uplifted, validated and inspired, and knowing what I’m going to do next. And also having had a really interesting conversation!

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  • Dr. Stacie Allen Translator and researcher

    Jamie offers highly informative mentoring sessions on literary translation. She clearly outlined the various steps and strategies to contact publishers and make the all- important connections within the industry. Jamie is friendly, approachable, and encouraging. Above all, I felt she really listened carefully to what I was saying.

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NCW mentoring

In 2021-22, thanks to the support of Pro Helvetia, I was delighted to be the Swiss-German mentor for the NCW Emerging Translator Mentorship scheme, mentoring Astrid Freuler. More information on the scheme, which was established by Daniel Hahn in 2010, can be found here.

Funded Mentoring

I am also keen to mentor emerging translators from under-represented backgrounds; for example, those who are Black; who live with chronic illness; who are single parents; who are disabled; who did not attend university, or who are the first in their family to do so.

In 2021, I launched a scheme to offer funded mentoring to emerging translators who face accessibility issues. The inaugural round of this scheme was conducted in partnership with Harper Collins Germany, and the translator Lottie Fyfe was selected to create a sample translation, with my support, for Ecco Verlag’s autumn programme.

Future funded mentorships will be announced here, and on my Twitter feed. If you are a publisher/translator and would like to get involved, please contact me.