I have translated over twenty fiction and non-fiction titles for publishers including Granta, Harvill Secker, Orion, Profile Books and Pushkin Press, and for cultural institutions such as the Goethe Institute, Ingeborg Bachmann Centre and Austrian Cultural Forum.

My co-translation (with Shaun Whiteside) of Florian Illies’ 1913 was a Sunday Times bestseller and Radio 4 Book of the Week. I was awarded a PEN/Heim Translation Fund grant for my translation of Valerie Fritsch’s novella Winter’s Garden.

I am a co-founder of the Emerging Translators Network, and a member of the Society of Authors, the Translators Association, and PELTA


My publications include Kalmann by Joachim B. Schmidt (Bitter Lemon Press, 2022), Twelve Nights by Urs Faes (Harvill Secker, 2020), The Great Homecoming by Anna Kim (Granta, 2020) and In The Restaurant: Society in Four Courses by Christoph Ribbat (Pushkin Press, 2017)

  • Twelve Nights Urs Faes

    Harvill Secker, 2020
    • Book
    • , Fiction
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    The front cover of 'Twelve Nights' by Urs Faes. A wintry countryside scene; snowflakes fall in the foreground and pines stand amidst banks of thick snow. In the distance are two tree-covered hills, opening up to a blank sky that's occasionally punctuated by looming clouds.

    Selected by Daunts, Foyles, Saga Magazine and other booksellers as a winter favourite for 2020

    Twelve Nights is a hymn to the winter landscape and the power of storytelling, a beautiful novella of the natural world and our place in it.

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  • Kalmann Joachim B. Schmidt

    Bitter Lemon Press, 2022
    • Book
    • , Fiction
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    A touching and very funny Nordic crime thriller with a difference. No gratuitous violence, no revenge porn. A tightly plotted suspense story based on a mentally challenged character described with empathy, humour and psychological tact. Forrest Gump meets Fargo.

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  • The Great Homecoming Anna Kim

    Granta Books, 2020
    • Book
    • , Fiction
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    Divided from his family by the violent tumult of the Korean civil war, Yunho arrives in South Korea’s capital searching for his oldest friend. He finds him in the arms of Eve Moon, a dancer with many names who may be a refugee fleeing the communist North, or an American spy. Beguiled, Yunho falls desperately in love.

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Seeking a


A selection of the podcast interviews, online book launches and panel discussions I have participated in.

  • How to become a literary translator

    The Writing Life podcast, 2021

    This week we have a special episode for anyone considering or embarking on a career as a literary translator. Sarah Ardizzone, translator and mentor, guides us through a detailed, nuts-and-bolts exploration of what it takes to be a literary translator. Sarah is joined by Rosie Eyre, a recent mentee on our Emerging Translator Mentorships programme, and Jamie Lee Searle, who was a mentee ten years ago. Together they explore the challenges of the industry and share tips on how to break in.

  • Bridging the Divide #4

    BookBlast Podcast, 2020

    “Anna Kim’s The Great Homecoming, published by Granta Books is a sweeping tale of friendship and betrayal that explores the devastating impact of the Korean War, Russian and American politicking and the Cold War on individuals, families and cities in Korea and Japan during the 1950s and ’60s. It may be a historical novel, but it puts people – a people; an entire nation – at its heart. This slick and accomplished translation by Jamie Lee Searle is sure to widen Kim’s fanbase and acclaim, and rightly so.”
    —Rachel Goldblatt, The BookBlast Diary

  • UK-Swiss Publishing Day: The Launch of 'Twelve Nights' By Urs Faes

    Sounds Right, 2021
  • Making Translations Happen: Grants, Residencies and Retreats

    The London Book Fair, 2018

    Support from cultural organisations and private funds can be vital to allow translators the time and space they need to work on texts that might not otherwise be published. What support is available, and what might be the best fit for different projects? How much effort is involved in applying for funding, residencies and retreats, and how can translators give their applications the best chance of success? What else can the sector (and translators themselves) do to support new voices and make translations happen?

    Other speakers include Kate Griffin, Daniel Hahn and Tessa Lewis.


  • Anne Meadows Editorial Director at Picador (previously Commissioning Editor at Granta Books)

    In my eight years at Granta, I have worked with a number of translators at different stages in their careers. Jamie is, without a doubt, one of the most impressive. Jamie has now delivered her translation and it is intelligent, fluid, poetic; interesting word by word and engaging line by line. [She] is dedicated, intelligent and untiring, as all good translators must be. She also has something which is harder to teach: a natural affinity with language which allows her to capture not just the style but the poetry of a work

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  • Jason Bartholomew CEO Midas PR and Owner of The BKS Agency

    This translation is fabulous. It jumps off the page, it is lively, and I am duly impressed

  • Gesche Ipsen Editor

    What a wonderful translation – so elegant, so lucid, and the voices of the various characters beautifully clear and strong! A really, really impressive feat. It’s evidently a tricky book to translate.